Hydrate IV Treatment

$ 204.63

Our hydration IV therapy package helps you to rehydrate fast. This sterile solution is made from a mixture of sodium chloride, water and electrolytes, designed to restore your body’s lost fluids quickly. When your body is refreshed and hydrated, you’ll experience a wide variety of benefits, both internal and external:

 • Improved cardiovascular health
 • Improved endurance 
 Reduce stress and anxiety
 • Boost your immune system
 • Muscles and joint support
 • Improved mood and energy levels
 • Better mental clarity, concentration and focus
 • Improved skin


Please note that all of our treatments can be customized at an additional cost. Please look at our add on menu to optimize your treatment.

 Vitamin B complex: Promote digestive function, increase neurological function, ramp up white blood cell production, ease nausea, and boost your energy.

 Vitamin B12: Boost your energy levels! Cobalamin (B12) boosts your immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells.

 Vitamin C: Reduce inflammation and irritation in your tissues while boosting your immune system.

 Glutathione: One of the most essential molecules for a healthy system! Glutathione can inhibit the production of inflammatory molecules, alleviating pain and helping you avoid illness.

 Magnesium: Magnesium comes with a host of benefits, including a healthy immune system, muscle and nerve maintenance, and a regulated heartbeat.

 MIC & carnitine (counts as four add-ins): MIC (methionine, inositol, and choline) and carnitine can boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels decreased due to dehydration.

Ketorolac : Prescription strength anti-inflammatory and pain reducer.

Dexamethasone: Effective allergy relief, inflammation reduction and migraine control.


NAD+ : Also tied to improved metabolism, NAD+ can boost brain regeneration and give you a kick of serotonin to improve your mood and decrease symptoms of stress.

•  Taurine: This essential amino acid helps maintain electrolyte commonly depleted during dehydration. Other benefits include inflammation control and a stronger immune system.

 Zinc: Improve immune function and slow microbe reproduction. Reduce the duration of common bugs and keep you healthy.

 Anti-nausea medicine: Nausea can be another common side effect of dehydration.
Block the nervous system signal transmissions that cause an upset stomach to quickly ease your nausea and vomiting.

 Anti-heartburn and/or reflux medicine: Temporarily decrease acid secretion in your
stomach for some reflux relief.

 Anti-inflammatory and/or pain medicine: Medication infused into your IV drip may be able to help calm inflammation associated with dehydration.

Biotin: Promote healthy hair, skin and nails.

Lipotropic Injection: Available via IV push or intramuscular injection. Specifically targets primary fat deposits to shed unwanted weight.